Problem Caused By Spiting

Problem caused by Spit Kerala is known as the god's own country. But the features of our most valuable land has rose a question about our most precious culture. Culture has been main point which make our land, the one and only god's own country. People of Kerala have done many things which are against our culture and environmental hygiene.Spitting in public place and transport stand are a reason which cause the spread of bacterial diseases.Personal and environmental hygiene are factors which keep our culture still living. For easiness people spit at places which they stand and also from buses to roads/public places.In foreign countries,it is ensured that no one spit in public places or else they would have to pay a fine.Such countries have a lot better hygiene than we do.Why is not our government not taking such a policies?Will our Keralites culture survive these decades?

August 10
12:53 2018

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